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I'm a top 20 SF author for the LGBT category writing ambitious new work for mainstream audiences. My fiction writing began in October 2016 when I whimsically produced 'Brobots', a tale intended for the self-published market about dehumanised non-humans.

The book reached the top two percent for LGBT science fiction–twice. I got more serious about it and developed it into a trilogy, then four publishers read it, and two offered for the whole work. A UK publisher produced the omnibus in 2019.

Also in 2019, I entered my first ever fiction writing competition and my work was selected for inclusion in an American science fiction anthology.

Professional praise for Trevor's writing:

“Mr. Barton’s writing [is] crisp, well-crafted, and to the point. It’s not florid and it doesn’t go into a lot of needless detail. Yeah, it’s a tad geeky…[T]hat’s part of what makes [it] so enjoyable.” - (USA)

“…be in awe of the brilliance that is Trevor Barton, who is quickly making it to the top of my favorites list.” – W.C. Bitner, Jr. (a Netgalley reviewer, USA)

“Impressed…Straightforward [and] practically perfect.” – Publisher (ret.)


Representation of the paperback for Brobots trilogy omnibus

Brobots: The Complete Source Code, 2019

None of the content in this trilogy is intended to be gratuitous, but this three book collection, in whole or part, is nevertheless intended for adults only.

Rod burners. Scaff dawgs. Laggers. Bucket dumpers. Lerps. Duct monkeys. Tin knockers. Lumbergs. Artificial big guys. Product of a troubled firm. Brobots. They're easy to treat like trash.

But not so easy to ignore. Especially the ones experiencing the wake up: The idea was that they could work hidden in society’s plain sight allowing humanity time to get used to the fact of sentient machines. But it’s all too easy for others to take advantage of those who live on the edge.

What they, and their allies, must do is work out who, and why, before it gets too late.

Publisher Beaten Track Publishing
Buy from

Paperback RRP $21.92 / €19.03 / £16.99 Barnes & Noble and other US stores, and Foyle’s, Waterstones, Blackwell’s and others in the UK. Amazon also has a paperback edition. (If you buy direct from the publisher, both publisher and author will get a bigger cut and this will help other authors; but of course it’s up to you!)

eBook RRP $6.44 / €5.59 / £4.99 from pretty much every outlet including Smashwords, Apple, and Amazon. (Same applies about the publisher.)

Language US English
Publication date Tuesday 15th January 2019
Pre-orders date
Page count 237,200 words approx.
Formats Paperback, eBook
RRP £16.99 (€19.37 / $22.26), and £4.99 (€5.69 / $6.54) respectively. Contact the publisher for wholesale options.
ISBN Paperback 978-1-78645-263-4
ISBN eBook 978-1-78645-264-1
Distribution (EN) Wide.
Strap line They're easy to treat like trash. But not so easy to ignore.
Performance An LGBT Science fiction Best-seller*
Performance checks *Manual check. The 20th spot for books > SFF > SF > LGBT on 16.01.19 1:30 GMT, US store. Higher may have been reached earlier unchecked. The 23rd spot on 27.01.19 12:53 GMT. The 83rd spot on 08.02.19 17:10GMT. The 349th spot on 14.03.19 17:44GMT (still around top ~3%).
Editorial and Jacket Reviews

You will love this - BA

Clever and convincing - WROTE Podcast Jayne Lockwood

Exalting and profound - Ulysses G. Dietz, Author

Original I recommend this to anyone One of the finest Science Fiction trilogies I've ever read Be in awe of the brilliance Book Review Village - William C. Bitner, Jr.

Fascinating [and] sneaky... Brobots is a very good read, especially considering its ambitious content ... It's deep, at times...profound, and also very Ben Ragunton

The whole series is beyond phenomenal - Orlando Castellano

Migration, 2019

Migration Queer Sci Fi Anthology

'Elvira' is a short story about an artificial intelligence and her lab assistant. It features in 'Migration': the sixth annual flash fiction contest anthology for US outfit Submissions had to have LGBT elements, believable characters and fit within a word limit of a mere 300 words. I'm delighted to have my work included in the panel's top 120 selected out of the 255 entries made. Released July, 2019.

Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon version, iBooks

Before 2019

Three book jackets for Brobots and Red Gods Sing and Balance of Estubria
  • The Brobots Trilogy:
    • Balance of Estubria—2017, Self-published.
    • Red Gods Sing—2017, Self-published.
    • Brobots—2016, Self-published.

Before 2016

  • Websites with household names, a magazine distributed nationally
  • MA: Myth of the Cyborg: The Perpetuation of a Cultural Fantasy, 1998, University of Southampton Library.
  • BA: A Gentle Revolution, or, Waiting for Meaning. Play script, Bath Spa University College.


Trevor Barton in an orange shirt standing on a mountain

Trevor Barton spent his early years on the isle of Thanet, Kent. At five his family moved to the south coast—a small town close to both a run-down port city and a stunning national park.

His father was a biker, his mother a supermarket assistant. But his youth was marked by tragedy: at the age of nine, his father became disabled. His mother died when he was sixteen.

He studied at Bath: a place known for its emphasis on skills development during study of arts subjects. His dissertation was a very well received script for a play. His mostly self-funded MA, in 1998, drew on everything from feminism to film studies and the latest in AI philosophy to explore why our culture developed a myth of cyborgs, and what that tells us about ourselves.

Using his love of language in his early career, he became managing editor of a nationally distributed web tech magazine. He then moved into what was still the new area of website management, putting sites live for names like Nature and OUP. This got him bar-crawling Nashville and sharing sidewalks with alligators in Florida while on business trips to meet scientists.

Trevor started writing books in 2016. With his debut work, Brobots: The Complete Source Code (2019) he became a top 20 science fiction author in the LGBT category.

He's a member of the SOA, and lives in Europe.

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Here are some highlights so far:

Highlight Date

I get interviewed for the Two Gay Geeks Podcast after they reviewed Brobots. Their shows are on, iTunes, Spotify, and other places where fine podcasts are found. Follow on Twitter.

Listen here from December 23rd, 2019

My first ever entry for a writing contest, Elvira, is accepted as one of 120 stories out of 255 entries for publication in the 6th annual flash fiction contest anthology, 'Migration'.

July, 2019

Brobots: The Complete Source Code hits the 20th spot for LGBT science fiction on Amazon straight after publication, and remains on the best seller list for three plus weeks

February, 2019

I do another Author Takeover of to time in with the publication of the omnibus edition of the series with Beaten Track Publishing

January, 2019

Means Happy magazine (London) ask me to interview

November, 2018

OJHeSay come back to review the whole series, saying: "The whole series is beyond phenomenal"

June, 2018

Writing on the Edge Podcast (WRotE) give me an interview.

February, 2018

All three books are in the top 3% (or higher) for LGBT Science Fiction on Amazon

January, 2018

OJHeSay blog call Brobots book #1 "phenomenal"

January, 2018

Balance of Estubria (Brobots, Book #3) released at the #15 spot for LGBT Sci-Fi one year (and four days) after book one was published, completing the trilogy in twelve months

December, 2017

Book Review Village review the whole series and say "Be in awe of the brilliance"

December, 2017

Gay Star News do a behind-the-scenes on the Brobots trilogy. Unusually for there's an author takeover (AMA) on Facebook to discuss the series

September, 2017

Geek Syndicate review Red Gods Sing

September, 2017

Red Gods Sing (Brobots, Book #2) published and hits the top 3% for LGBT Sci-Fi on Amazon

September, 2017

Brobots book #1 published

December, 2016