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Mon Sep 25: A five star review on Amazon for Red Gods Sing.


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Red Gods Sing

Hot New Release #21 in LGBT Science Fiction*

(*Amazon, last checked 16th September)

You’re a robot man living in 2060’s America.
You’re off on a hot date.
Forget fake news and flying saucers.
What’s the one thing you should’ve packed?

Josh could be forgiven for being a little forgetful. In his world, the problem isn’t with AI. It’s with humans. (Some of them, at least.)

“This is a great, gripping, fascinating near-future sci-fi story.”
Ulysses G. Dietz, Curator Emeritus

A threat is looming, and with it an ultimatum. Brobots like Josh can rise up. Or they can face extinction. Josh has decisions to make. But where will they leave a post-singularity world?

Part two of the Brobots trilogy.

 Geek Syndicate
“Clearly…a response to the political situation we find ourselves in come 2017. …[A]t its heart it is a character piece and a romance in the best way; the pairing in it is adorable [and has] great little character moments. [But it’s n]ot all light and fluffy. Quite often it can be dark [or] horrifying, but in a way to make you feel for those involved. …[I]nteresting sequel, combining politics with heart…”
Kris Vyas Myall

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400 pages
ISBN: 978-152-1502-136

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Bears United Magazine
“Check this out.”
Steve Rees

Praise for the Brobots

“You will love this.”
Ben Brock


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Love Bytes Reviews
“I really, really, really liked the premise, characters, and storyline in this book. …I highly recommend it to science fiction readers.” (5 stars on Amazon)
Dan Mitton

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