Balance of Estubria by Trevor Barton

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Brobots book 3

The Brobots (dehumanized nonhumans) seek a way for everyone to win; even if in doing so they die. A super-advanced AI travels the cosmos considering how much, or how little, she likes humans. Fleshing out plans to enslave all humanity, the super rich jeopardize everyone else’s future dreams. When all humanity finally gets the future it deserves, what sort of future will that be?

Part three of the Brobots trilogy.

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Publication date: December 24th, 2017

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Look! A real ISBN and all: 978-154-9801-624

Why read this series?

There will also be a Trilogy Omnibus in 2018. I think it’s only fair to point that out in case you wish to save your cents or pennies and buy that one. Or both. Tumbleweed…

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Listen on Apple MusicTracks based on the chapters of book 3 featuring artists like Queen and Bruce Springsteen like space operas should have.


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