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Standing on a Summit at the Dawn of Disclosure

by Trevor

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“I love what’s happening to virtual synths right now. They’re emulating and making possible the kind of sounds I grew up with; big analog racks used by 80’s heroes like Jean-Michel Jarre. I think when electronic music turned popular we took a diversion of 20 years with rave and dance. A blip, if you like. But as a kid I remember that electronic music promised a boundless future. That future is coming back now that those blips are over; electronic is here to stay.”

Trevor’s second album fuses together aspects of electronic styles to create a searching set of atmospheric concept pieces. The concept of each track progresses and grows until fully realised, and the character and influences are carefully chosen to fit the concept of each piece.Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

Trevor lives in Oxford, UK and says that his influences range all the way from Boards of Canada to Aviici, Jean-Michel Jarre to Vangelis.

He’s currently listening to Gold Panda and stuff like that.

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A multi-media creative project incorporating music, video, meditation and an eBook.

All proceeds from sales, royalties or download plays of this music album will be given to Steven Greer‘s crowdfunding campaign to produce and release his film, ‘Unacknowledged‘.


messenger_code_753493524705753.pngOur time is like the final steps before reaching the summit of a mountain, from where we can see new things. It’s also a dawn. On a summit at dawn. It means we’re the first to see the light of the new day; a day when our horizons expand to take in new technology, a revised sense of history, and the new relationship we have with the universe. It’s the dawn of disclosure on ETs…and it’s going to be breathtaking.

Summit-bookcover2.jpgPart 1: Standing on a Summit: ETI – Human Relations at the Dawn of Disclosure

Free eBook published to a specific Facebook group under a Creative Commons license on 12 May 2016. (To get the book, please join the group.)


Eti by Trevor

Eti album cover

ETI – as in ‘extra-terrestrial intelligence’.

Downloaded by staff at NASA, played on radio in Idaho USA, the Eti by Trevor music album is a progressive new age electronic work on contacting ETI.

Released: December 2015

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In “Learning One ET Race’s Gesture for ‘Happy'”, sculptured synths are played in a rare freeform without tempo to express a human/alien gestural interaction. “Messages Left in Corn Fields (For Linda)” is a more up-beat minimal and percussive tune about sunny days with crop circles. “They Like Being in Clouds (for Kosta)” features voice samples from seven different individuals freely donated via a social media group especially for the track, and was written as a gift to an ETI researcher in South America. “Pulsing Orange Orbs” has elements of prog rock, but is stripped back to create space and the slowing of time as a way of musically expressing the ‘high strangeness’ that some say comes with ETI interaction. The title “A Time of Divine Science” is inspired by the work of Dr Steven Greer at Sirius Disclosure project and is a more upbeat dance tune. This is followed by a cheeky track with shifting “Focus” moving between mellow dance and dubstep themes to make a point about where attention matters most.

The album finishes up with a hopeful tribal tune about a positive global future in a post-disclosure world, and after a short interlude the work rests in a seventeen-minute guided spoken meditation (with music) for use when ‘vectoring‘.

The music was a year-long project involving social media interactions with individuals across the world. Some track projects didn’t ‘make the cut’ whilst others came together quickly as people shared ideas and experiences around which to base the music.