Hi, I’m Trevor – author of creative, soulful and playful science fiction. Welcome to my personal blog website.

The “Brobots” trilogy is my first offering. Thank you for visiting.

Big announcement coming soon.


There’s a website for everything these days,
Even cleaning tired toes with fish.
The presumption is that if you have one
you can sell most any old dish.

While not quite convinced, I’m very grateful
that you came to read up on me.
But, since you are here, I am sure this means
you want something unique to see?

You will have already checked out my books
on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo?
Perhaps you’ve even read and reviewed one?
(I do have good reviews to show.) </shameless>

When I’m squirrelled away and just writing
(since this is what authors must do)
I don’t have a great deal of time for more –
but there are ways to track what’s new:

I have Instagram, Reddit and twitter,
Pinterest and even the Goodreads.
When I’m chewing the fat I write a blog
(some read it on Medium feeds).

Occasional news that’s worthy to share
will end up in bulleted lines.
When a newsletter’s back up and running
I shall link (and amend this rhyme).

Contacting me is a bit of a chore:
something else I plan to amend.
(The GDPR and the Can-Spam Act
had me going around the bend.)


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