As explained in the Author’s Preface to Book 1, calling someone a “brobot” is a derogatory term. It’s used to describe a man who calls male friends “bro’s” too much (whatever “too much” means).

I wanted to take that definition and challenge it; turn it on its head and show why a brotherly culture between men can be valuable. It’s also a dig. It takes something that challenges maleness or masculinity and claims it back – while at the same time asking questions about what maleness is or even what being an individual is.

It also connects (a little) with “gaybro” sub-culture; something I identify with personally as a “beer drinking gay.” There’s lots of “gay writing.” I wanted to see what writing a novel with my own voice was like.

There’s lots of other stuff going on in the series too. These categories (sci-fi, gay fiction, space opera, fantasy) are always loose. It’s a novel. Check it out and I hope you enjoy 🙂