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Brobots trilogy
  • Means Happy magazine (London) ask me to interview (November, 2018 and archived here)
  • Bear World Magazine (New York) ask me to interview (coming soon)
  • OJHeSay come back to review the whole series, saying: “The whole series is beyond phenomenal” (June, 2018)
  • Writing on the Edge Podcast (WRotE) Interview Trevor Barton (February, 2018)
  • All three books are in the top 3% (or higher) for LGBT Science Fiction on Amazon (January, 2018)
  • OJHeSay blog call Brobots book #1 “phenomenal” (January, 2018)
  • Balance of Estubria (Brobots, Book #3) released at the #15 spot for LGBT Sci-Fi one year (and four days) after book one was published, completing the trilogy in twelve months (December, 2017)
  • ProudBears provide Brobots merchandise (December, 2017)
  • Book Review Village review the whole series and say “Be in awe of the brilliance” (December, 2017)
  • say “Check out the Brobots” (November, 2017)
  • Gay Star News do a behind-the-scenes on the Brobots trilogy (November, 2017 – since taken down, but you can read it on my website under “books”.)
  • Bears United Magazine (UK) say “check this out” (September, 2017)
  • Unusually for there’s an author takeover (AMA) on Facebook to discuss the series (September, 2017)
  • Geek Syndicate review of Red Gods Sing (September, 2017)
  • Red Gods Sing (Brobots, Book #2) published and hits the top 3% for LGBT Sci-Fi on Amazon (September, 2017)
  • Brobots book #1 published (December, 2016)