Painting since 2007. Self-taught.











W x H (x canvases if more than one). All paintings are signed. All paintings have the inventory number and title written on the back frame and are added to this list. I tend to use chunky stretched box canvases.

  1. Springblossom (client) (oil on canvas) (30″x20″ x2) – my first ever painting (well, second) (2007) Sold
  2. Parenthood (client) (oil on canvas) (20″x30″) (2007)
  3. Golden Boy (test) (acrylic and sand on canvas) (10″x12″) (2007)
  4. Jupiter Storm (test) (mixed oils/acrylics on canvas) (12″x10″) (2007)
  5. Action Shot (test) (acrylic on canvas) (10″x12″) (2007)
  6. Where Paths are Steepest (client) (acrylic and sand on canvas) (30″x20″ x3) (2007) Sold
  7. Cherryblossom (client) (acrylic on canvas) (10″x12″ x4) (2008) Sold
  8. Hayling in the Evening (client) (acrylic and sand on canvas) (72″x24″) (2008) Sold
  9. Mineral Rose (client) (acrylic on canvas) (40″x20″) (2008) Sold
  10. Tulip Fanfayre (client) (acrylic on canvas) (20″x30″) (2008) Sold
  11. Come In (client) (acrylic on canvas) (20″x30″ x3) (2008)
  12. Lamp, Lamp, DAISY, Lamp (exhibition) (acrylic on canvas) (12″x10″) (2010)
  13. Under Construction (exhibition) (acrylic on canvas) (10″x12″) (2010) – sold in the first 20 minutes 
  14. Il Monte Della Nonna (client) (acrylic on canvas) (40″ x20″) (2010) Sold
  15. F*ck the Enlightenment™ Industry (digital print on canvas) (18″x24″) (2010)
  16. To Truly Enter the Mountains, or Buddha and the Bodhi Tree (UnStuff Exhibition) (acrylic on canvas) (72″x24″) (2010) Sold
  17. Ce n’est pas la lune, or Art, Giving You the Finger (nickname ‘Artfinger’) (UnStuff Exhibition) (acrylic on canvas) (18″x24″) (2012) Sold
  18. Stepping Out of the Mental Movie#1 (has been called both ‘Stepping Out’ and ‘Mental Movie’ by the press) (UnStuff Exhibition) (acrylic on canvas) (24″x18″) (2012)
  19. Compassion Just Happens (the Way you Grow Your Hair) (UnStuff Exhibition) (acrylic on canvas) (18″x24″) (2012)
  20. On the Way (client) (acrylic on canvas) (72″x42″) (2012) Sold
  21. “In…Inner…” Enso for Ged (acrylic on paper postcard) (2012)
  22. Moon as Enso (acrylic on paper postcard) (2012)
  23. Enso II (oil on acrylic on decoupage) (40″x40″) (2012) Sold
  24. “Du” To Cross Over (private collection) (acrylic on canvas) (30″ x 20″) (2013)
  25. How Mhairi Feels When She Plays Bass (client) (acrylic on coffee sack) (10″ x 14″) (2015)
  26. Punk Nudibranch Picnic (client) (acrylic on canvas) (40″ x 20″) (2015) Gifted
  27. Warm Welcome (client) (acrylic on canvas) (40″ x 40″) (2016) Donated
  28. Self Realization or Bust (client) (acrylic on canvas) (10″ x 10″) (2016) Sold
  29. Alien Planet (private) (acrylic and sand) (40″ x 20″) (2017) Destroyed
  30. Big Flower Three (gift/ private collection) (acrylic) (40″x40″) (2018)