Holiday 2018

Trevor Barton was born on the south coast of England to a biker and a supermarket attendant. The conservative small town of his childhood was a place which, by the late 80s, felt to him more like a miniature US State than a British place for stiffened upper lips. The town’s locals adored line dancing, his church shot its theology from the hip, fast food appeared—the very British punk was out and futuristic baseball-capped rave was in.

Shifting senses of nationhood and unusual theology weren’t his only sources of estrangement. When Trevor was nine his father became disabled. His mother died when he was sixteen. For a few years as a teen he was sent to a military training corps for toughening up. As an attempt—almost certainly—to turn him straight, this failed wonderfully.

He studied at Bath: a place known for its emphasis on skills development during the study of arts subjects—and particularly known for its creative writing expertise. His main submission was a well-received script for a play. His mostly self-funded MA—in 1998—drew on everything from feminism to science papers to the latest in AI philosophy to explore why our culture has developed a myth of cyborgs and what that tells us about ourselves.

His love of technology, words and creative industry led him to become a managing editor writing a mainstream UK web tech magazine after only his second career move. From there he got into web development—something very new at the time—and sent sites live for global names like Nature and OUP. This got him bar-crawling Nashville and sharing sidewalks with alligators in Florida while on business trips to meet scientists.

Trevor’s debut—Brobots—outperformed self-publishing averages reaching the top two percent in science fiction for LGBT on a leading web store—twice. The next two books in the trilogy—Red Gods Sing, Balance of Estubria—performed similarly and featured in Geek Syndicate and Gay Star News. A Netgalley professional gave five stars to the whole work. Brobots: The Complete Source Code, 2019—an omnibus edition of the series—is now published with Beaten Track. It’s a category best seller and has featured in, Means Happy magazine and elsewhere.

A member of the SOA, Trevor lives in Europe. An ISFDB entry exists.