Until I get a publishing contract and get too busy, I’m here to narrate your LGBTQ fiction with a British English accent using mastering skills attained through professional recording studio work. My voice is:

  • Deep and resonant (but not especially low)
  • Very musical-sounding
  • Contact to discuss (I hope to be on ACX at some point)

Guidance: A 90,000 word or 220-page A4 Word document will likely be a 350 page novel once published with popular dimensions (such as 5.06″ x 7.81″ paper, Garamond 11pt font). A 350 page novel takes about 8 hours to read out loud. A day’s work is about £150. (TL;DR: You’re looking at about $200.)


I could pretend. But why?! The truth is, I don’t have one. However, I’m happy to audition (you send me paragraphs, I record them and send you an mp3). Just see the contact page.

Related experience includes:

  • Nine years of experience working in the publishing industry (Macmillan, Nature, Oxford University Press). These weren’t editorial roles. But they all required attention to detail, correctness, professionalism.