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Migration Queer Sci Fi‘Elvira’ is a winner of the sixth annual QueerSciFi.com flash fiction contest and is included with 120 other stories—out of 255 entries—in the anthology ‘Migration’ [Other Worlds Ink, July 2019]. It’s the first time I’ve entered a writing contest, so I’m thrilled that ‘Elvira’ was picked out for the collection. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, iBooks.

Trevor on his debut work, Brobots: The Complete Source Code

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“The story arc—from trash to profundity—is the writing journey too”

Brobots_Full_Adjusted-LSI_LRWhen I wrote my first ever attempted novel in 2016 I didn’t know I had it in me to write a complete book, let alone publish it. I’d been reading self-published books and thinking I could do better, but reading those titles also got me wondering what sells. In complete honesty? Erotica and romance by women authors seemed to take up the bulk of available content. Since I didn’t think I’d ever reach ‘properly published’ status, I presumed I’d have to follow suit in every regard except, perhaps, in becoming a woman.

So that’s where I started: experimenting writing to sell and dabbling with erotica and romance presuming self-published would be the only way to go—but doing so in the setting I’m truly passionate about: SF.

But as I got writing I discovered I had a unique story to tell. I also realised I could finish the book, and that the story was greater than just one book.

Someone who later reviewed the whole trilogy—the separate, self-published editions—said that somewhere it switches from ‘gay science fiction’ to ‘science fiction with characters who are gay’. That’s exactly what happens so that, by the second book, the few romantic scenes that there are got regarded as ‘adorable’ by a reviewer for Geek Syndicate—who, to my delight, called other scenes in that book ‘horrifying’. Just what I was aiming for—cue evil laughter.

Suffice to say the Brobots trilogy is, and has been called, unique.  It’s also quite honest within itself. It starts out trashy and gets deep. But that sort of fits the theme.

To say this was intentional may sound lofty. But it was part of what I was aiming for. Jared finds a cute man in a roll off dumpster, takes him home, and gets drawn into a world of robots, parenting, and conspiracy. That’s the hook: a disposed man in a roll off— something inspired by seeing a cylon hefted into a dumpster truck in the 1980s Battlestar Galactica film Conquest of the Earth. Someone trashed in a trashy book. Someone transformed as the story progresses. The story arc—from trash to profundity—is the writing journey too.

Somewhere between everyday and ineffable is where I like to be in my thinking because that sounds very human to me.

I’m delighted, after offers from elsewhere, to have been able to work with Beaten Track Publishing. They did a wonderful job editing and helping me re-write the books as one complete trilogy omnibus edition in a fab new binding and beautiful page layout which you can easily pick up at an affordable price.

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Before 2019

  • The Brobots Trilogy:
    • Balance of Estubria—2017, Self-published.
    • Red Gods Sing—2017, Self-published.
    • Brobots—2016, Self-published.

Before 2016

  • Websites for Nature, put a site rebuild live that became OUP’s busiest website for traffic. Other household name websites managed.
  • UKdirectory—Directory and magazine distributed UK-wide with tie-in website. Editor of both. Took the title to profit for the first time in it’s history—1999/2000.
  • Myth of the Cyborg: The Perpetuation of a Cultural Fantasy—1998, University of Southampton Library.
  • A Gentle Revolution, or, Waiting for Meaning—Play script, Bath Spa University College.

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