• Brobots trilogy (self-published editions, 2016-17)

“Quite simply one of the finest Science Fiction trilogies I’ve ever read. Trevor gives a voice, heart and soul to all his characters regardless of their genesis or their specific species or origins. Human, automated, robot, alien, artificial intelligence, gay, straight or yet to be determined all have equal say in the adventures of the worlds in which they coexist. In these three books we have gone from Earth to Mars and galactic systems in, around and between. We have a bit of comedy, some politics, family situations, friendships, wars, disagreements, drama, thrills and adventure.

I highly recommend all three of these books regardless of your species or sexual orientation.” “Be in awe of the brilliance” – Book Review Village (Review of the whole series from WC Bitner, Jr. A Netgalley Certified Professional Reviewer who is unknown to the author.)