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Longlisted for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award in 2017

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“An extremely likeable book… clever [and] convincing… with a highly creative plot and characters to root for.”
Jayne Lockwood, January 2018
“Don’t miss this phenomenal science fiction work by Trevor Barton. I can’t tell you just how good this story is. It’s really, really good. Like hardcore science fiction good.”
“We’ll be seeing an exponential increase in AI and robotics. Are we ready? I think not…We are going to undergo seismic shifts. This story is about that shift …[with] excellent nods to [another] group that ‘may’ have just gained legality but will struggle with acceptance and pushbacks for years to come. LGBTQ, anyone?”
Orlando Castellano, January 2018


What would you do if you found a cute man in a dumpster?
Jared took him home.


Artificial intelligence can’t be programmed. It has to be grown. Some machines are learning who they are, and humans could do with a bit of that too.

“Cute… You will love this.”
Ben Brock

Inside scoop

Men get called “Brobots” when they automatically call other men “bro”. I imagined a world where a Brobot is a real thing. Robotic, male, and alive.

I blame growing up with D.A.R.Y.L, Transformers and Chip, and wanting them to be my buddies. That, and a few other things.

Aliveness was important. Otherwise you only have behavioristics and the AI aren’t necessarily sentient. For that to work, I needed to see things from their perspectives, and that opened up tons of other questions.

Brobots is enjoyed by a wide audience and has reached the top 2% spot on Amazon LGBT science fiction. (There are 6k+ titles in that category. Stats are updated hourly.) I’ve enjoyed your fanfiction and pictures. Keep sending them in!

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“Original… I recommend this to anyone – gay, straight, robot or human. It’s just a lot of fun and great entertainment.”
William C. Bitner, Jr. (Netgalley Reader)

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“The premise, characters and storyline were all fantastic…A fast and enjoyable read… I really, really, really liked the premise, characters and storyline in this book. …I highly recommend it to science fiction readers.”
Dan Mitton


Austria’s #1 Goodreads reviewer
“Freaking amazing!”
Martin Hollabrunn

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“Techno-political science fiction that is by turns charming, fascinating, and philosophically rather pointed. …I loved this.”
Ulysses G. Dietz, Curator Emeritus

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“What stands apart …is how
well-crafted the novel is.”
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