Balance of Estubria (Brobots, #3)

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“Human, automated, robot, alien, artificial intelligence, gay, straight or yet to be determined all have equal say in the adventures of the worlds in which they coexist. In these three books we have gone from Earth to Mars and galactic systems in, around and between. We have a bit of comedy, some politics, family situations, friendships, wars, disagreements, drama, thrills and adventure. I have read my fair share of trilogies or series and I can say without doubt that this is one of the finest examples of that format.” “I highly recommend all three of these books regardless of your species or sexual orientation.”
William C. Bitner, Jr
 (Netgalley reader)

The Brobots (dehumanized nonhumans) seek a way for everyone to win; even if in doing so they die.

Charlie character in a space suit adrift in space

A super-advanced AI travels the cosmos considering how much, or how little, she likes humans. Fleshing out plans to enslave all humanity, the super rich jeopardize everyone else’s future dreams. When all humanity finally gets the future it deserves, what sort of future will that be?

(Make sure to read them in sequence.)

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Balance of Estubria paperback

Out of the three Brobots books, Estubria (or, “the Boe”) is my favorite. With the world of the Brobots built, and the epic story opened out, it was time to have fun with the characters – explore their quirks and answer my own questions about them.

digitalrainbowOne of my favorite bits (without spoilers) is where a media system is malfunctioning while we watch a video of a woman describing a new version of the Internet as a digital rainbow after a flood. Her voice is repeated in the malfunction until it almost makes no sense; except by then it’s become merged with other video voices talking about loss of democracy and rights. In my head the whole thing became a deconstructed digital rainbow. Equality and technological freedoms at what price? Are rights ever for sale?

Yeah, deep. But this is Brobots we’re talking about. There’s crazy fun, too. “Awww! Cupcake, let me see?”

“Grand, emotionally satisfying [and] right on
target [with a vision] exalting and profound.”
Ulysses G. Dietz, Curator Emeritus

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“An epic science fiction saga”
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“I am Brobot!”