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Brobots begins with a fall to Earth and life getting trashed. It ends with love from the stars.

What if the most important question regarding artificial life isn’t ethics, but how well we can love it back?

1. Brobots

“You will love this” –
“Fantastic” – Love Bytes
“I loved this” – Ulysses G. Dietz, Curator Emeritus
Top 8% LGBT sci-fi on the Zon

2. Red Gods Sing

“adorable [and] horrifying” – Geek Syndicate
“Check this out” – Bears United Magazine
“Brobots forever!” – Ulysses G. Dietz, Curator Emeritus

#21 Hot New Release in LGBT sci-fi on the Zon and hit top 8% in its first four days

3. Balance of Estubria

All 3: Brobots: The Complete Source Code (Trilogy Omnibus)

1. Brobots

Top 8% LGBT Science Fiction


What would you do if you found a cute man in a dumpster? Jared took him home.

December 20th, 2016


(Since you can read the blurb on Amazon, here’s something else for you.)

Brobots explores the probability that self-aware artificial intelligence (AI) has to grow, rather than be programmed. In Brobots, I wanted to explore how society would respond to our own growing of a species. Can we love it well? How important might that love be to the success or failure of the species? What would things be like in the absence of that love?


Love Bytes Reviews
“Brobots is a first book from a new author, but it really didn’t read like one. The premise, characters and storyline were all fantastic…A fast and enjoyable read…makes you wonder what will happen when machines get too smart. …I really, really, really liked the premise, characters and storyline in this book. …I highly recommend it to science fiction readers.”
Dan Mitton 


Needless to say there’s romance; and (continuing the wellbeing aspect) there’s more than one character “realizing” who he is.

“You will love this.”
Ben Brock 

There’s humor, too. “Brobots” is a derogatory term for men who call other men “bro”. I imagined a world where a Brobot is a real thing; perhaps making the “bro”-calling into a trademark trait. (I blame growing up with D.A.R.Y.L, Transformers, Chip, and wanting them to be my buddies.)

“[an] immediate storyline [with interesting] world building…had me chuckling out loud…”
Thomas Baker

I wanted to show an aliveness; otherwise you only have behavioristics and the AI aren’t necessarily sentient (or in technical terms don’t necessarily have qualia).

“Techno-political science fiction that is by turns charming, fascinating, and philosophically rather pointed. …I loved this.”
Ulysses G. Dietz, Curator Emeritus


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Austria’s top Goodreads reviewer
“Freaking amazing!”
Martin Hollabrunn

“What stands apart from many self-pubished books I’ve read, is how
well-crafted the novel is.”
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“This book has all my favorite things.”
Mark C. Wade, Author

Red Gods Sing2. Red Gods Sing

Hot New Release #21 in LGBT Science Fiction

You’re a robot man living in 2060’s America. You’re off on a hot date. Forget fake news and flying saucers. What’s the one thing you should’ve packed?

September 15th, 2017

Since the robot characters have inner lives, this all means we’re looking at the singularity from their perspective too. But, again, this is told as a personal struggle and several personal journeys. It’s their questions; their future as much as ours. It’s wrapped up in how well we can love them; who might usurp the situation, and why. Can we overcome our abuse of the vulnerable?

“This is a great, gripping, fascinating near-future sci-fi story.”
Ulysses G. Dietz, Curator Emeritus
at The Newark Museum, NJ

Geek Syndicate
“[A]dorable [and] horrifying.”
Kris Vyas Myall

Bears United Magazine
“Check this out.”
Steve Rees

Writing Red Gods Sing was weird. It was like taking a Hollywood action movie and swapping all the details so that the focus is not so much on the perpetrators, or even on some of the heroes. Instead the camera angle is on the victims and how they will respond. Hard to do when they’re not human. Could there be any sympathy?

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Balance of Estubria
This is a working draft of the cover only. Final version may change.

3: Balance of Estubria

Late 2017 (or early 2018)

Questions about identity and human cruelty get replaced with bigger questions about the fabric of the universe and the mind. (But this is Brobots we’re talking about, so, you know, there’s also a gay wedding on Mars…)

I can’t tell you how long it took drawing Josh in a space suit! I’m quite pleased with it though. (Yep. All three cover designs are my own work.)

All 3: Brobots: The Complete Source Code

Trilogy Omnibus, early 2018

Each book is written to flow into the next. At the same time (or shortly after) release of “Balance of Estubria,” a trilogy omnibus will allow to enjoy it as one entire work (and about 1,000 pages).

After Brobots

The Brobots Trilogy is self-published. I’m using it to hone my skill. My ambition is to reach out to agents in 2018 with fresh MS and seek a traditional publisher.

Some vernacular and a couple of sex scenes may make this series unsuitable for young adults.
(Let’s not have age ratings for novels.)