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Tracking-free Internet is Possible

Update: Watch Tim Cook’s Keynote where he mentions the “data industrial complex“. Searching for tracking-free, track free, cookie free, no-track Internet didn’t bring up a strong list of useful websites. What it did bring up, when I searched, was advice from big Internet companies on how to track customers! So I’ve decided to create my own list. Here it is; and (if I remember) I’ll … Continue reading Tracking-free Internet is Possible

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AI product equals evil AI. Discuss.

AI Product Equals Evil AI. Discuss. The wrong AI debate is about whether to have it. I studied AI philosophy at MA level (for a bit) and it concerns me that a lot of the “AI ethics” discussions are framed around “should we have AI, or not?” Today a reader of my Brobots science fiction trilogy asked me if I watch Westworld and (in relation to that) … Continue reading AI product equals evil AI. Discuss.

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We Can Stop Feeding the Data Monsters

At the close of his latest book The People Vs Tech (Ebury, 2018), Jamie Bartlett declares, “we can stop feeding the data monsters”. He’s talking about certain social media sites; and I agree with him.   The Vice Chancellor of a world-famous university, in 2006, asked for my advice as to whether one such platform (guess which) would ever take off. (Ooh, get me!) Since at … Continue reading We Can Stop Feeding the Data Monsters

Let’s Be Clear About AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Presently Ubiquitous, Limited, and Widely Misunderstood The key misunderstanding today is that AI describes one thing, and it doesn’t. There are different strengths of AI. The most flimsy types are great at what they do, but on their own they will never suddenly “wake up” to human-like consciousness. There’s nothing it’s like to “be” them; and there never will be (or … Continue reading Let’s Be Clear About AI