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Oh, for the simple days before GDPR, the CAN-SPAM Act and social media! A time when authors everywhere could email happy, simple monthly newsletters from the comfort of their cat’s throne room without inviting the SWAT team to their front door.

If I can’t tell you my home postal address, I’m in contravention of the US CAN-SPAM Act. Solutions: an agent or a postal box number OR taking the risk. Setbacks: no agent yet. Cost. SWAT team.

If you’re identifiable from your email name, the EU GDPR applies. Solutions: an EU-hosted website without sign-up form data going all over the place before it gets to me. A whizzy email list manager compliant with GDPR. Take the risk. Setbacks: Cost. Cost. SWAT team.


With all that said – if you’d like to express initial interest in a future monthly email newsletter, you’re in the right place. I’ll keep your email address on file on my computer. (My computer files are not “in the cloud”.) Then I’ll send you an alert when a monthly newsletter is up and running.

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GDPR: Using this form means your data may be seen by Automattic, Inc. in the USA but it is not, to my knowledge, stored by them. Instead it goes in an automated email I receive via their severs to ProtonMail (founded by scientists at CERN, highly secure, and based in the EU). Your use of this form is your consent to the processing of your data in this way. I do read every email.

If we’ve chatted and you want to PayPal me, here’s my (intentionally hidden because I don’t think it’s the way forward for creatives but I do think it’s a handy tool) tip bucket link: PayPal me.


Correct from November, 2018:

  • Active in a Reddit group 100k strong
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram 840 followers
  • Goodreads Over 1,000 “added”, 64 ratings, 44 blog followers
  • LibraryThing (I’m new to this one)
  • Twitter 120
  • Medium 25, and this website’s blog
  • I’m a gold founder of OpenBook (it hasn’t launched yet)
  • Worldbuilding StackExchange…
  • …and so on.

If you find anything else online appearing to be from me it’s probably inactive or neglected.