Theme for Brobots (Book 2)

Theme for Brobots (Book 1)

Free-standing music projects:

My music as an electronic artist (going by the name of just “Trevor”) is generally about extra-terrestrial intelligence. To me, ETI call us to make a better future. I think when electronic music turned popular we took a diversion of 20 years with rave and dance; a blip, if you like. But as a kid I remember that electronic music promised a boundless future. Now those blips are over and that old boundless future is coming back.

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Standing on a Summit at the Dawn of Disclosure


BBC Radio Introducing Interview 2016
All major global download and stream stores.
Best-selling iTunes preorder. BBC featured. More than 358 global sales or streaming plays. (Profits were all sent to help crowdfund the making of the movie “Unacknowledged” due out Summer 2017)


Our time is like the final steps before reaching the summit of a mountain, from where we can see new things. It’s also a dawn. On a summit at dawn. It means we’re the first to see the light of the new day; a day when our horizons expand to take in new technology, a revised sense of history, and the new relationship we have with the universe. It’s the dawn of disclosure on ETs…and it’s going to be breathtaking.



All major download stores.
Downloaded by staff at NASA. 82 global sales.

Eti album cover

Eti was a year-long project involving social media interactions with individuals across the world. The participation was amazing.

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Fieldwork EP


Select download stores under the name ‘Contact Worker’.
38 global sales.

Fieldwork by Contact Worker

Download this track, which auto-played during a real-life ET contact experience in USA:


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