Since streaming and free download services popularized, musicians have only been able to sustain a living through live performance and merchandise. That’s much harder (but admittedly not impossible) for a solo electronic musician. I guess the harsh fact is that I’ve had some success but I don’t love it as much as writing!

My music as an electronic artist (going by the name of just “Trevor”) is generally about extra-terrestrial intelligence. It’s no-longer controversial to surmise that they exist. The controversy is “if they’re getting here then how?” While we ponder that question, to me, the moment of an ETI connection (a “first contact”) would call us to make a better future.

I think when electronic music turned popular we took a diversion of 20 years with rave and dance; a blip, if you like. But as a kid I remember that electronic music promised a boundless future. Now those blips are over and that old boundless future is coming back.

A boundless, better future’s kind of where I’m at musically.

Their Beautiful Gentle Work


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Standing on a Summit


BBC Radio Introducing Interview 2016