Trevor's Letter
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I’m a gold founder of Openspace Social where you can follow me under @trevor Here I moderate the following groups: /c/fiction /c/sciencefiction /c/selfpublished and one or two others of personal interest to me—such as /c/zen.

I was also the main author on the platform’s guidelines on use.

Openspace is currently at beta release stage, prior to full public launch worldwide.

If you’re a published author/ author agent you can hop straight to /c/fiction to start an AMA (only at weekends). To be considered for an AMA on /c/sciencefiction just reach out to me at the above email address. I’m open for offers at this time. These offers are only for published authors. This doesn’t include /c/selfpublished authors or authors who have set up a publishing house name just to publish their own titles. I will check.