I have a pseudo-geek web front end / data backround. (Pseudo because never programmer. CSS isn’t a programming language.) This site’s not a CV, so here are just a few relatively recent geeky side notes:

OpenVCS (2016)

openVCSConsulting with staff from NCVO, 360Giving, Code for America and others I voluntarily developed a UK standard for the publication of open data on non-profit groups. This is available for use and forking on GitHub and is published under a Creative Commons License.


forming dot communityI still dream of creating this. I’ve got the domain! This is a volunteer-led independent project to give voluntary and community groups in the UK one place to submit their group and project profile details once and for free. Details can then be picked up for free by the growing number of web apps and organisations wanting to use good data about them – many of whom keep asking groups to complete more and more online forms. The sector needs simple solutions. Never do another web form.